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Easy Steps to Mindfulness

Easy Steps to Mindfulness What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness consists of cultivating awareness of the mind and body and experiencing life in the here and now. It means being fully aware and present without judgement or filters. Historically mindfulness was associated with meditation connected to the original traditions of Buddhism as a spiritual practice. Today in a hectic and even sometimes chaotic world, mindfulness has expanded far beyond its original spiritual roots and extends to encompass mental and emotional well-being. Today [...]


Myth of a Strong Black Woman

Redefining Strong Black Woman I am a Black woman, without the addendum of mandatory strength. I’ve experienced breakdowns and breakthroughs; I have learned from my triumphs and failures and have realized that part of my strength is knowing when to ask for what I need, when to cry, when to be silent. I have come to realize that what I’ve experienced does not define or confine me. Being proactive is much more effective than being reactive. I have learned how to choose my [...]