About NB2PW

We come together to connect, share, and inspire one another.

The Network of Black Business & Professional is a progressive women’s organization that supports women in achieving success in their business, professional, financial and personal life.

We provide opportunities for networking, connecting, mentoring and learning from and with each other.

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We offer innovative programs that provide opportunities for networking, connecting, mentoring and learning from and with each other.


Our member directory provides a complete profile where you can learn more about our members, their business, interests, and affiliations.


Our group offers networking events, workshops, and workshops throughout the year with featured speakers, special events, and promotional opportunities.


NB2PW believes in growing and nurturing an engaged group. Our members are involved in community activities throughout the Ottawa area.

Become a part of the rich history of NB2PW

NB2PW has deep roots which were established by a group of remarkable women in 1995. The brain-child of Elcho Stewart, NB2PW, was founded in Montreal, Quebec, with strong support from women in the business community. Since then, it has been re-launched in Ottawa, Ontario, with more robust events and programs.

We strive to empower our members through mentorship, informative discussions and supportive friendships. Join us in celebrating each other’s contributions and successes in the community. 

Meet our Executive Team


Semirath Fagbemi

Semirath Fagbemi is Senior Associate, Corporate Asset-Based Lending in the Aerospace sector at Export Development Canada (EDC), Canada’s export credit agency. Within this role, she assesses credit risk and recommends effective financing solutions to achieve an optimal balance between EDC’s objectives and international buyers’ and Canadian exporters’ needs. She has been at EDC since 2011 in progressively senior roles related to risk management and stakeholder relations.



Bassey Akan

Bassey is a computer systems Engineer with extensive experience in software development and technical leadership. She works as a senior technical Support Engineer at InfoVista Canada, A leading provider of cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions where she is responsible for providing after-sales service and support to develop long term relationships with new and existing customers. Bassey enjoys new technology and working on large scale problems with multiple layers. She is passionate about community building and social innovations and donates her time and skills to a variety of non-profits including the Canadian Cancer Society and The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa.


Erika McWhorter

Erika McWhorter is a Web and Graphic Designer who specializes in creating clean, usable design online. She considers design more a way of life than a job, and spends a lot of time learning and updating her skills to keep up with our ever-changing tech world. She has been crafting effective websites and online experiences for small businesses and entrepreneurs since 2006.


Alana Esty

Alana Esty is a Data Visualization specialist and an engineer by trade who works with building dashboards to communicate data effectively. She currently works for the Canadian Red Cross and has a passion for improving the healthcare field. To disconnect from the screen she creates Afrocentric earrings in her Etsy shop AZEBoutique for fun 🙂 


Shukri Hilowle

Shukri Hilowle is licensed paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario. She manages the Ottawa branch of a personal injury law firm based in Toronto. She has experience in civil litigation, immigration, real estate and family law. Her work enables her to advocate for clients during times of great need to ensure they receive the full benefits they are legally entitled to claim. She is passionate about connecting people through event planning which led her to join the network and serve as the VP Events planner for the network since March 2018. She believes in the importance of supporting local black business owners for their businesses to grow within the community.




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